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1788 -- Abbe Gilbert established a Catholic Mission in the City.

1790 -- London Road land acquired and Father John Greenway was responsible for the erection of a small chapel

1813 -- Catholic population in Gloucester was just 40, but total population of whole city was recorded in 1801 as only 8,000.

1850-1877 -- Dramatic development of city during the railway era increased general population numbers and Catholic contingency

1859 -- Fr Leonard Calderbank, due to generous gift from Miss Francis Canning, was able to start building St Peter's Church.

1868 -- Further work continued, whilst other clergy were in residence, and in this year the Church was solemnly consecrated by the Bishop of Clifton, the Rt. Rev Dr Clifford.

1878 -- Canon Eustace Barron continued the process of works, including the building of the presbytery and furnishings to the Church, such as the Stations of the Cross.

1894-1934 -- Canon Joseph Barnard Chard began a long and memorable service as Parish Priest, laying down firm foundations to community development and the Catholic parishioners.

1934 -- Canon Mathew Roche succeeded Canon Chard. Pre & Post WW11- The expansion of the catholic community continued in-line with population changes during industrial development. New parishes sprung up as housing areas spread and catholic schooling was provided, with new schools being built.

1968 -- Centenary Year, during this year the Great Bell was restored.

1983 -- Monsignor Canon Roche retired and Canon Michael English succeeded him as Parish Priest.

1992 -- Restoration of the spire and clock took place, allowing the clock to chime the Angelus for the people of Gloucester to hear.

1997 -- Canon Michael Fitzpatrick commenced his service as Parish Priest.

1999 -- Millennium Midnight Mass celebrated 142 years of continuous Catholic worship in Gloucester.

2002 -- Timothy Meadows was ordained Permanent Deacon.

2006 -- Canon Bernard Massey began his service as Parish Priest in September.

2007 -- Public unveiling of plaques to commemorate the building of the Church and it's association to the Gloucester Catholic martyrs.

2008 -- Whilst the historic organ is being refurbished the interior of the Church undergoes a major cleaning and redecoration project.

2010 -- Fr Liam Slattery begins his service as Parish Priest

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