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Little Church

is a group open to all children over the age of 4 years and any adults who wish to become involved in helping.

The aim of Little Church is to provide a 'Liturgy of the Word' suitable for children so that they can learn more about God's love for all of us. We also aim to ensure that children realise that they are a very important part of our Parish Community.

ACTIVITIES are varied, but always pointed towards the Gospel message for the day. There are two groups within Little Church:

Little Church for the 4-7 year olds

'Keys Group' for children of 7 years and over (First Holy Communion Preparation age)

The Little Church's MEETINGS are held during the Liturgy of the Word in 'Big Church' at the 9.00 am Mass. The 30-40 children and their adult helpers meet in the Sacristy and Apostle Room in the church.

The CONTACT PERSON for the Little Church is:

Carol Baron

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults -RCIA

is a group open to:

The RCIA programme aims to provide an opportunity for people who wish to know more about the Catholic Church to become better informed. Should an enquirer decide to enter into full Communion with the Church, they are helped through the steps by the RCIA team, the Priest and a personal sponsor. In addition, the enquirer is introduced to the wider Catholic Community.

The Group's ACTIVITIES comprise refreshments, followed by Catechesis (about an hour and a half of scriptural readings, doctrinal teaching and prayer).

Enquirers who wish to enter into full Communion go through the Rite of Christian Initiation which requires them, at certain times of the year, to attend Mass, where they are introduced to the wider Community.

Details of the new RCIA programme will be available shortly. To register an interest please speak to Mgr Liam or contact the parish office.

The CONTACT person for the RCIA is: Rose Harvey

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