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Purpose of the Office for the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults:

To work for the protection and safety of all children and vulnerable adults with whom the Clifton Diocese has contact or for whom it has responsibility; to ensure that the diocese functions in accord with relevant national legislation and guidelines; to enact the policies of the Bishops’ Conference expressed in Lord Nolan’s Report and as formulated by the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS).The National Catholic Safeguarding CommissionThe Commission has fifteen members. In implementing the recommendations of “Safeguarding with Confidence” there is a lay chair, appointed by CBCEW and CoR, and two vice chairs; a bishop appointed by the CBCEW and a Religious appointed by the CoR. The remaining members come from a variety of backgrounds both in and outside the Church. They bring together a wide range of knowledge, skill and expertise in safeguarding matters, and in state and canon law.

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