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Ministers of the Eucharist

These are a team of parishioners who assist the clergy in the Eucharistic Ministry.

By invitation of the Parish Priest, the group aims to assist the clergy in distributing Holy Communion at Mass and taking Holy Communion to the hospital and the sick or housebound.

Lesley Wolowiec

Church Flowers

Guild Of St Stephen for Altar Servers

The Guild is open to all who have received First Holy Communion, without limit of age, who can serve Mass, and who has shown a wish to live up to the objectives and standards of the Guild.

The objectives of the Guild of Saint Stephen are:

Meetings for training and serving are held as and when required.

Details of contacts are as follows: Chaplain: Deacon Tim Meadows

Administrators: Chris Murray and Lyn Murray

5.30 Music Group

The 5.30 pm Music Group is a group open to anyone who enjoys singing or playing an instrument.

The group AIMS to enhance the liturgy through a musical form of prayer, to encourage the participation of the congregation and just to enjoy making music together.

The ACTIVITIES of the group involve playing at 5.30 pm Sunday Mass. The Group has no regular meeting time to practice - these are arranged when necessary, taking place either in the coffee bar or in a members house. They meet at 5.00 pm on the Sundays they play at Mass.


Pete Kirby and Maggie Kirby


Our Church organist is Roy Please telephone Roy to arrange for singing and music for weddings and other occasions.

Singers are also welcome to assist in music for the Masses.

Contact: Roy Dickens


at Mass are a group of parishioners, invited by the Parish Priest, who read at Mass. The group AIMS to present the readings in a clear and easily understood manner.

There is an organiser for each Mass who draws up a ROTA months in advance. New readers are most welcome at any time.

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