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"Like Christ, the Church lives to witness the truth. She wants to save and not to condemn; to serve and not be served. She was founded to set up the kingdom of Heaven, right down here on earth... She offers what she has herself; a vision spanning all the world, of man and of mankind... By union with the living Christ, man has the opportunity for complete fulfilment... ". (Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul W - "This is Progress").

The standards set by Canon Law for the Parish Priest, have been abundantly met by the priests, who over the past two centuries have had the care of the parish of St. Peter's. The City has indeed a rich heritage of churches and priories. Dominicans, Franciscans and Carmelites had flourishing foundations in Pre-Reformation days but the religious life of the City was dominated by the great Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter - now the Cathedral. During the troubled penal times there were martyrs for the old Faith in Gloucester and a list of these can be seen in St. Peter's Church.

Read on to discover how the Parish was established from a very humble begining.

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